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de Maas zonder windturbines foto: Sylvia van Manen

Windturbines -gezondheid en risico’s

 Factsheet gezondheidseffecten van windturbinegeluid. RIVM, 2021

A laboratory study on the effects of wind turbine noise on sleep: Results of the polysomnographic WiTNES study

Wind Turbine Noise and Sleep: Pilot Studies on the Influence of Noise Characteristics

Physiological effects of railway vibration and noise on sleep

Child development and the physical environment

Low-frequency noise from large wind turbines

A comparison between exposure-response relationships for wind turbine annoyance and annoyance due to other noise sources

Negativer Effekt höher Infraschallpegel auf die Myokardiale Kontraktilität: in kontrollierten in-Vitro Experimenten

Effects of industrial wind turbine noise on sleep and health

Case Report: Cross-Sensitisation to infrasound and low frequency noise

Low Frequency Noise-Induced Pathology: Contributions Provided by the Portuguese Wind Turbine Case

A Review of the Potential Impacts of Wind Farm Noise on Sleep

A Review of the Potential Impacts of Wind Turbine Noise in the Australian Context

The Noise from Wind Turbines: Potential Adverse Impacts on Children’s Well-Being